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Claims Jobs

Hillman Saunders are an international recruitment firm with years of experience helping candidates get on the fast track to successful claims jobs and careers.

Our clients are located around all corners of the world so we can find you the ideal claims job both in the UK and overseas.

Claims Sector Jobs

Senior Claims Handlers are there to help claimants who are in need of insurance compensation. Most of the time claiming on insurance is a straight forward process but just occasionally the insurance company may launch an investigation around the claim or need to claim the money back through another insurance company. This can draw out the process for the claimant and cause difficulties in some situations.

The Claims Handler is there to help the claimant, be it and individual or company, throughout the process of claiming the money and to ensure that everything is carried out as timely and accurately as possible. Senior Claims Handler jobs will require you to be able to deal with, understandably, copious amount of paperwork but also be able to liaise with the claimant and the insuring parties involved as well as risk analysts, brokers and underwriters. You need to be able to ensure a fair outcome for the claimant as well as the insurance companies.

If you have experience in the insurance sector then Hillman Saunders would like to hear from you. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff who will be able to help guide you into your perfect Senior Claims Handler job.

Here at Hillman Saunders we have a number of Claims Advisor jobs to suit any specialism. With insurance being so broad it is unlikely that you will get a general insurance position and instead will slot into a niche sector.

In a Claims Advisor role you will often be the first point of contact for the claimant and you are there to help advise them on how their claim will be handled. You are often there throughout the whole process, overseeing the claim right from the first call to the insurance being paid out.

This job requires a multitude of skills, quite often you will be kept busy with the different facets of claiming and so multi-tasking will be an essential attribute. You will also need to be vigilant to ensure that false claims are not processed (a sad but true fact of insurance today) as evidence will need to be gathered to support the claim.

An Assistant Claims Manager will work in conjunction with the Claims manager to lead a team of Claims Advisors to ensure that claims are handled accurately and efficiently.

Experience in the insurance industry is essential but in this role interpersonal skills are even more so; you will be expected to help coach and develop your team whilst liaising with brokers, agents and loss adjustors. Most challengingly you will be required to work on complex and fraudulent cases which will draw on all your knowledge of insurance as well as your personal abilities to remain professional when dealing with the claimants.

Assistant Claims Manager roles can be demanding and the ability to perform well under pressure is essential. Hillman Saunders have a number of roles that come under the remit of Assistant Claims Manager so if you are looking to reach the next rung on the careers ladder or are just looking for a change of scenery then submit your CV through our website.

Alternatively if you have any questions then get in touch and one of our experienced recruitment advisors will be able to help.

As a Claims Data Analyst you will be working to analyse patterns and trends in data collected as part of the claims process. Data analysis is an important function within any company as it helps to assess the company’s progress as well as analysing risk.

Within Claims Data Analysis jobs there are different routes you can take each having their own function and contributing to a company’s data analysis as a whole; you could be the first person in the chain of data analysis checking the quality of the data collected, or you could be the Main Data Analyst who interprets the data and draws meaning from it or you could be the final analyst who checks the data for consistency. Whichever route you want to take Hillman Saunders is likely to have an opportunity that’s right for you.

To be a Claims Data Analyst you need a sound knowledge of the insurance industry and how the data you are handling will affect the claims that you may be working on as well as the company as a whole. A degree in a related subject such as mathematics, computer science or economics is essential as you will be regularly dealing with algorithms, mathematical formulas and computer programs.

You can upload your CV to Hillman Saunders today and one of our experienced and friendly Insurance recruitment specialists will be able to guide you through the application process and answer any questions that you may have along the way.

Claims Industry Insight

When we surveyed people working in claims jobs for our 2016 salary survey, we found the average salary was around £20k per annum. The salary range for broking jobs starts at as little as £15k pa for Junior Claims Handlers and can reach £70k or more for Claims Managers and as much as £100k or more for Head of Claims roles.


The high number of lower-end roles in the claims sector means that the average benchmark for claims jobs looks poor on the salary spectrum when compared to other specialisms within the insurance industry, but it is worth noting that this sector offers arguably the broadest salary range with significant salaries in senior roles.

Broking 26,254
Claims 20,098
Insurance 33,956
Risk 54,657
Underwriting 45,387

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