Mental Health & Me: Hillman Saunders & MIND

By Thomas Cubitt, General Manager

As some of you may know, the chosen charity partner of Hillman Saunders is MIND.

We chose our CSR cause based on two reasons:

Firstly, it’s something that has affected the families of numerous individuals in our team, and as such they care passionately about it away from work.

Secondly, we here at Hillman Saunders passionately believe that there is a huge mental health problem affecting a large number of Insurance professionals in the Financial Services sector, but nowhere near enough being done about it.

To see just some of the stats to back up our viewpoint – and the alarming lack of support that seems to be available – you can read our first blog by clicking here.

As touched upon above, as well as our corporate viewpoint, most if not all members of the team here have had a family member suffer from a mental health illness at some point, and you can read Matthew Tynan’s poignant blog on his own family member by clicking here.

As a recruitment consultancy / agency / business / headhunter / executive search firm (call it what you will) that specialises in recruiting Insurance employees in the Financial Services market, we are unique in talking to Insurance professionals all day every day, about much more than just the nuts and bolts of the task at hand.

Reasons to move, family life, location, workload, work / life balance, management above, direct reports below, flexible working, holidays, benefits, pensions, pressure, expectations, performance, anxiety, financial situation both professionally and personally. And one thing that crops up on a more regular basis than ever before is mental health.

It was partly this reason that served as the catalyst to create this series of articles and write our first blog, and of course the fact that we already support a mental health charity.

So it was lovely to be invited recently to the offices of Price Forbes & Partners, who were having a fundraising day for MIND also. You can see some of their brilliant efforts by scrolling down their Linkedin company page.

In total, over £70k was raised across the Ardonagh Group, split 50/50 between Mind and the Ardonagh Community Trust. Price Forbes raised over £1,500 for ‘Go Green’ which was an initiative for Mind. A fantastic effort.

For our part, Matthew Tynan and I raised money by going head-to-head on a reaction game and scored exactly the same, both hitting the top of the leaderboard, alongside the lovely Steph of the HR team (see picture left).

You can also see me carrying my bald patch around on the world’s slowest Rodeo EVER on our YouTube channel or by looking below! Which all goes to show that although mental health in Insurance is a serious subject, we can still have fun whilst trying to overcome it collectively.

I’m delighted to announce that we hope to publish a guest blog or two in the coming weeks from people in the industry who are brave enough to talk about their struggles with mental health – they really are inspirational stories so I hope you enjoy reading them.

To discuss anything else in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me on or call 020 7653 1340.



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