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Underwriting Jobs

Hillman Saunders specialise in recruiting talented professionals in the insurance sector.

We currently have a number of underwriting positions available for candidates who are determined to maximise the opportunity for a prosperous underwriting career.

Underwriting Jobs

Hillman Saunders are industry leaders when it comes to recruiting the brightest and best candidates for commercial underwriting jobs. If you are looking to secure an exciting new position in this fast-paced industry revolving around business financing and insurance, get in touch with us today to discuss potential careers. We work with large companies to find amazing candidates for roles in commercial counterparty credit assessments, credit appraisals, operational risk analysis and many other exciting elements of commercial underwriting. Whatever your skills and interests, whether you want to work with large clients, or focus on small businesses, we can match you to the perfect role.

Why choose to work with Hillman Saunders?

We pride ourselves on being different. Where other recruitment firms work indiscriminately across whole sectors, we choose to specialise. As such, we’ve become one of the most well-respected recruiters in the industry, and have developed unrivalled business relationships with some of the key players in the insurance and financial industries. Each insurance company is looking for a slightly different skill set in its commercial underwriters, and our expert staff invest the time in getting to know your individual strengths and skills, to allow us to connect you with the best possible job opportunities.

Household Underwriters are involved in the provision of insurance in many different ways, from analysing risk and producing quotes, to examining claims and calculating optimum renewal rates. Whether you choose to specialise in new business quotes, or you’re more interested examining claims or risk analysis – we can find the perfect job to suit you. We can guide you towards very specialist or very broad roles, depending on your experience and interests.

Why choose Hillman Saunders?

We have many years of experience in placing the best candidates in to exciting and challenging roles, with some of the biggest names in the household insurance industry. We have an in-depth understanding of the key players and upcoming trends in the household insurance industry, and we pass on our knowledge and experience to every candidate we work with, to help them choose the best possible career path to suit their skills and interests. Each firm is looking for something different in a candidate, and our well-respected team have excellent working relationships with a number of the biggest institutions, meaning we can provide sound and reassuring advice to every potential candidate we work with.

If you are looking for a new position in motor underwriting, Hillman Saunders is well placed to help you find the perfect opportunity to progress your career. Whether you are a new or seasoned underwriter, we will work with you to find out which companies are most aligned to your skill sets. The tasks you take on as a motor underwriter will vary between different companies, although generally your role will involve examining the potential risk associated with motor insurance proposals relating to different types of vehicle, and there are plenty of opportunities to specialise. Some companies focus on niche areas, others work with private vehicles, fleets of hire vehicles and commercial vehicle insurance. You may be involved in new business proposals, negotiating renewals, and reviewing claims made, depending on where your interests and specialisms lie.

Why choose Hillman Saunders?

We pride ourselves on being financial specialists. We’ve worked long and hard to establish excellent professional relationships with all of the major insurance companies and other financial institutions. We work closely with every new candidate to ensure that they are considered for the most suitable opportunities, which play to their key strengths and personal interests. We want to create career matches that last for many years to come – so get in touch with us today to find an amazing motor underwriting position perfectly match to you!

Graduate underwriting positions are an excellent entry-level opportunity, allowing candidates to forge a highly successful long-term career in insurance and risk analysis. We can provide the guidance you need to choose the right scheme or position for your personal interests and skills. Many of the largest companies out there use us to fill their graduate underwriting positions. New graduates will learn the skills required to determine risk, and write accurate and competitive insurance quotes. Excellent judgement and attention to detail will be crucial as you learn how to prepare insurance policies and liaise with brokers and customers.

Why work with us?

Every member of our team is a specialist in the financial industry, and we pride ourselves on working in very specific areas of the market. Where other firms generalise, we believe we can provide the insight to put the best people in to the best jobs. Each time we take on a new candidate, our team work tirelessly to identify strengths and potential, to submit your applications to the most suitable financial institutions.

Underwriting Industry Insight

When we surveyed people working in the underwriting niche during the early part of 2016, we found salaries at entry level positions like Underwriting Assistant, Administrator and Technician, they started at around the £20k level and ranged up to £27k. For mid level positions such as an Underwriter, these roles range from £35k to around £60k and then up to £90k for specialist areas of expertise and then senior roles can achieve in excess of £100k.


The underwriting niche is relatively well compensated compared to other areas of the industry, especially in respect of roles with a high degree of specialisation or seniority.

Broking 26,254
Claims 20,098
Insurance 33,956
Risk 54,657
Underwriting 45,387

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