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Insurance Jobs

Hillman Saunders have years of experience placing professionals in insurance jobs which lead to successful insurance careers. Having the help of our knowledgeable consultants, we are able to source insurance positions from all corners of the globe.

Our list of insurance vacancies are waiting to be filled with talented candidates determined to achieve everything in their insurance career. Besides that, the website is inundated with new insurance job specifications each day so remember to stay up to date with the website.

Insurance Sector Jobs

At Hillman Saunders we are committed to providing the best insurance broker jobs. With in-depth knowledge of their fields, our consultants are able to provide tailored advice to your application. This will ensure you have the best chance at filling insurance broker vacancies you apply for.

We accommodate for young professionals and senior level insurance broker developer jobs to ensure that we help candidates fill our vacancies. With strong connections to our clients, Hillman Saunders have access to the best roles before any of our competitors.

Insurance broker developer jobs are available in large and small firms, and have a variety of tasks including building business relationships with clients, attending meetings, assessing a clients’ needs, attending to clients’ requests, keeping records, preparing reports, collecting insurance premiums and developing new business at every opportunity. There are plenty of opportunities to progress as we specialise in different areas that make insurance broker jobs a popular career choice.

Our consultants have outstanding experience, working in that field that provides only the best advice and support for broker developer vacancies. We aim to promote a long-term successful relationship between client and candidates. As such, we look beyond a CV and at the person it comes from to ensure they are a good match for that client.

Looking for your next insurance broker developer job? Then contact us today to see how we can help your career progress.

Insurance graduate vacancies are increasing as it is a popular career choice with fantastic career progression and earning potential .With a wide range of areas to specialise in, Hillman Saunders has access to a variety of graduate jobs to suit any candidate and situation.

Hillman Saunders goes beyond looking at a candidate’s skills and experience. Our consultants, who have specific training and experience look for several factors to promote the best matches between client and candidate. Such attention to detail ensures long-term success in any insurance graduate vacancy. With industry specific experience, all of our consultants can provide bespoke advice and support in any application for insurance graduate schemes or jobs to ensure a candidate has the best chance of success.

The areas that are included in insurance graduate vacancies and jobs include underwriter, claims management, business development, insurance broker, product manager, trainee actuary, operations manager and various support roles. Insurance graduate schemes will often allow successful candidates to try a range of these roles to find the ones best suited for them.

Contact Hillman Saunders today if you are looking for a graduate insurance job to see what they have available.

Vacancies and Insurance sales executive jobs are very competitive. Therefore any prospecting candidate will require a real desire to succeed if they are to progress through the career ladder. The role should be challenging but not impossible and Hillman Saunders endeavour to help you find the perfect role to fit your aspirations.

Because our consultants have specialist experience and knowledge, they can provide tailored advice and support to any application for insurance sales executive vacancies. We go further than using a CV to find the best candidate. We take into account a range of factors to determine a good, long-term match for client and candidate that will benefit both parties. With the competition so fierce, the support and advice from our consultants will be of invaluable help in the application process.

Sales insurance executive jobs are very demanding, with strict targets that require good relationship building skills and negotiation skills. The products being sold are in constant demand and successful candidates need to develop new business and retain existing customers to be successful.

There are good progression routes for candidates who successfully fill an insurance sales executive vacancy. These come with leadership and management opportunities and constant training courses to help improve skills and prospects.

If you are ready for your next sales insurance executive job, contact Hillman Saunders today.

Hillman Saunders have a range of insurance underwriter jobs available that can help you progress your career. We have a unique relationship with our clients to ensure we get access to the best jobs before anyone else. This means our candidates have a real advantage in the pursuit of insurance underwriter vacancies.

Our consultants all have invaluable experience and knowledge of their applicable fields. They have a unique understanding of the roles and the industry to which you are interested in working within. The tailored advice and support our consultants provide to a candidate searching for an insurance underwriter job gives them an improved chance of being successful. This then creates a long-term, successful partnership between them and a client.

Underwriter insurance jobs involve deciding whether insurance applications should be accepted and under what terms the acceptance is. This can be a very demanding role and strong communication skills are essential. Every application is different, introducing a level of variety in the daily tasks. However insurance underwriter vacancies will generally be specialised but progression is attainable when further experience and knowledge is gained.

If you are looking for the best insurance underwriter opportunities then contact Hillman Saunders now to see what options are available.

Hillman Saunders can help you find the best claims specialists’ jobs available, which suit your situation and experience level. We can help by providing a role which is suitably challenging and fulfilling.

Because our consultants are specialists in their fields, they can help in any application you make for claims specialists vacancies. We look into more than just skills and experience, and work hard to match candidates and clients to long-term partnerships at every opportunity.

Claims specialists jobs are mainly with insurance companies. However, there are opportunities to work for companies who offer insurance or care to act as intermediaries between consumers and insurance companies. There is a lot of numerical data to work with and information to process and collate into reports.

By specialising in specific sectors, Hillman Saunders can provide advice relevant and unique to your claims job application. Mots importantly, this means we fully understand the needs and roles available to ensure you have the best chance in filling any vacancy.

For more information on how to further your insurance claims specialist career, speak to Hillman Saunders now to find out how we can help.

Jobs in insurance sales are very competitive thanks to the growing industry and career opportunities. Hillman Saunders can source a range of roles to suit your experience and career level, and our consultants can advise you on the best ways to succeed in insurance sales job applications. All of our consultants are specialists in their fields, with a wealth of experience to draw upon as they help you find insurance sales consultant jobs.

Insurance sales jobs focus on selling insurance products, usually over the phone. Strong conversational and relationship building skills are essential, ensuring clients buy the services you are offering and keeping them with the company once the sale is over. You will be involved in contact underwriters, calculating premiums, customising insurance products, talking to and meeting with clients as well as monitoring insurance claims.

Jobs in insurance sales are very target driven and having a competitive nature will help you keep ahead of internal and external competition trying to take your clients. It is a fast paced environment but there are always new challenges on a daily basis.

Hillman Saunders have specialised in a select number of sectors to ensure all advice is specific and relevant to insurance sales consultant jobs. We understand our clients and the roles available, enabling us to find the best matches for insurance sales jobs and create successful, long-term partnerships.

To find the best insurance sales consultant jobs available, speak to Hillman Saunders now to find out what opportunities we have available.

Hillman Saunders have a wide range of underwriting assistant jobs available. We can help to ensure your application is as strong as possible to give you the best chances of succeeding as an underwriting assistant. All of our consultants have a great deal of experience in the fields they work in. This means you can trust the advice and support you receive for any assistant underwriter job you apply for.

Unlike other organisations, Hillman Saunders has specialised in only certain sectors. This specialisation allows us to provide the best advice and support that is relevant to your assistant underwriter job search. We understand our clients and the roles available. This then helps us source the best matches for each underwriting assistant job, and promote a successful, long-term partnership.

If you are interested, contact Hillman Saunders today to see how we can assist your job search and future career.

Insurance Industry Insight

According to our 2016 salary based on the insurance market, entry level positions like that of a Junior Claims Handler or a Underwriting Clerical Assistant start at around £15,000 per annum.

At the other end of the scale lie positions like Risk Officers and Senior Reinsurance Brokers who typically earn in excess of £100,000 per annum. Because our experience in the freelance market is less predominant than in other UK market sectors there are still a broad range of positions available. Especially in the £25,000 to £50,000 per annum range including in broking and sales.


Across the insurance industry, our salary survey indicated average salary levels were at the £33k per annum mark. Most importantly,  Actuarial, Risk and Underwriting roles pull the average up with customer service level roles pulling downwards.

Broking 26,254
Claims 20,098
Insurance 33,956
Risk 54,657
Underwriting 45,387

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