Mental Health & Me: Budget 2018 Update (and some fishing news)

Image result for budget briefcase 2018By Thomas Cubitt, General Manager

This week has been a fantastic week for mental health.

As you may or may not have heard, the Chancellor Philip Hammond, as well as announcing the end of Austerity (which you may or may not agree with), also announced a £2billion increase of funding for mental health services.

This means that mental health services will be available 24/7 in crisis centres in every A&E unit in the UK, as well as a 24/7 crisis hotline. There will be an increase in dedicated mental health ambulances, community services for people affected by mental health issues, and specialist teams linking schools, social services and young people’s mental health services – so that no one gets lost in or by the system when they become an adult.

It’s not all good news though, because if you read the small print this won’t kick in until 2023 / 24 and according to the the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) the £2billion is only half what’s required to get mental health treatment on a par with physical health.

This is important because in 2012 the coalition government – in its Health and Social Care Act – promised to create a ‘parity of esteem’ between the two and Theresa May herself referenced ‘burning injustices’ between the two in her maiden Prime Minister speech no less.

The community services aspect above reminded me of a story a few years ago where two hospitals offered fishing to mental health patients as a form of treatment. It’s not just a one off either, if you google ‘mental health fishing’ you can read numerous articles on the subject, unlike when we tried googling ‘mental health financial services’ or ‘mental health insurance’ in our very first blog!

Which leads me nicely into talking about my continued involvement in the Lloyds’ fishing competition earlier this month, representing Parker Norfolk and Partners in Captains’ Day – a spin off from the Lloyd’s Broker Cup whereby three anglers per team compete against each other rather than the usual eight on Broker Cup day in the Summer.

With 24 Fisherman across the teams fishing in three sections of eight anglers across the lake, it was another great event (I’d like to say relaxing!) at Commercial Carp Fishery ‘Colemans Cottage’ on Wood Lake.

A change in weather and fishing conditions meant the weights were considerably down from July, where the the winning weight there was Paul Abott of Willis Towers Watson with 120lb and Martyn Redfern coming runner up with 95lb.

This year’s results are below, as are several pictures of the day.

Individual Winners – Top Three

1st Martyn Redfern – Willis Towers Watson – 50lb
2nd Tom Webb – Willis Towers Watson – 47lb
3rd Dave Squirrell –  Willis Towers Watson B – 40lb 08oz

Team Results

  1.    Willis Towers Watson A
  2.    Willis Towers Watson B
  3.    Lockton
  4.    BMS
  5.    ARB
  6.    Marsh
  7.    Parker Norfolk & Partners B
  8.    Parker Norfolk & Partners A

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