What does Wellbeing in 2019 mean for you?

Through the last three months of 2018, Hillman Saunders has written over 10 articles examining mental health – specifically with regard to professionals in the Insurance sector.

It’s a subject close to the hearts of several of our employees, as well as that of our company – our charity partner to which we make regular donations is Mind.

Over the course of our articles we’ve looked at the (scarcely) available statistics, talked about how mental health has affected us personally, talked to employees in the Insurance sector who’ve suffered from a mental health illness, looked at what companies could do to improve the support they give their staff and what insurance companies could do to improve their healthcare coverage to include mental health.

One reason we’re doing this is because, as a recruitment company that specialises solely in Insurance professionals, we’re in contact with thousands of insurance professionals every year, having to analyse all sorts of technical and cultural fits to our clients. This unique viewpoint – where candidates have the freedom to talk openly and honestly with us – means we’ve seen a rise in the number of people talking about mental health, and we wanted to do our bit to raise awareness.

To be clear, we don’t think that the problem is on the increase, we think it’s always been there. We just think that people are happier to talk about it, probably due to the increased public awareness form organisations and charities like Mind, Heads together (Prince William and Harry), Wellbeing Champions (Lloyds of London) and World Mental Health day (it’s OK to not be OK).

Even a quick look at the sports stories each day will reveal a number of current and former high profile, affluent athletes now talking openly, honestly and candidly about their own mental health struggles, such as Danny Rose, Aaron Lennon and Tyson Fury to name but three of hundreds.

Mental Health is just one aspect of the term ‘Wellbeing’, and over the course of 2019, we’re going to look at how mental health feeds into it and what else is a contributing factor.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), ‘wellbeing’ is defined as having 10 broad dimensions which have been shown to matter most to people in the UK as identified through a national debate. The dimensions are:

  • the natural environment
  • personal well-being
  • our relationships
  • health
  • what we do
  • where we live
  • personal finance
  • the economy
  • education and skills
  • governance

We’re going to start 2019 by looking at health – namely how diet and exercise can improve it.

In the meantime, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the team at Hillman Saunders.

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